Nomination of Dr. Hani Abu Zaid as Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Arab African Economy and Adviser Mustafa Al-Ubaidi as Secretary-General

Western – Ahmed Al-Dulaimi – 19 -3 -2020

The nomination of His Excellency Dr. Hani Abu Zaid as Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Arab African Economy and Chancellor Mustafa Al-Ubaidi as Secretary-General came to cross the dangerous juncture facing the world in light of the increasing encirclement of the Krone epidemic to all countries of the world, especially as the global economy faces risks in order to face the rates of population growth of the most important challenges facing Achieving food security A billion people around the world lack food security, most of them in Africa. The choice came for the necessity of developing new policies and an increase in intra-investment between Arab and African countries in order to achieve mutual cooperation for thieves. It is based on food security. The Arab-African Economic Supreme Council will present a set of challenges represented in poverty, health, education and water scarcity in the Arab region. Not to mention the challenges that have made cooperation to achieve food and water security an urgent necessity … as well as access to the foundations for improving international transport structures and border crossing centers and revising the legal and regulatory framework to enhance investment and facilitate trade among African countries. As well as providing economic actors with better information on the African market and creating tools Innovative financial measures and measures to enhance intra-regional exports and increase the involvement of the private sector. To facilitate the exchange of lessons learned and operationalize the various partners at the national, regional and continental levels in order to enhance synergy and avoid waste of resources and Programs breached.

It is worth noting that Counselor Mustafa Al-Ubaidi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Arab-African Economy will have an active role for his relations at the Arab-African level by setting the program of the new system for dealing with resources at all levels with us in that good governance that set its program in Iraq and the rest of the world In addition to resorting to unconventional solutions and providing new sources of materials and the ability to restructure institutions working in the field of fields and find systems with experience in carrying out the necessary research and provide the necessary investments through the development of programs and courses made by Stone Mainly in Baghdad, Cairo, Sharm El-Sheikh and many other countries.                                                                        

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